Save Money On Your Bills With The Power Of Silence

  • telemarketer-300x193A secret negotiating strategy when trying to argue down your monthly bills (telephone/internet/electricity/etc.) is silence. Forget arguing, shouting, getting irritated or begging: when it comes to haggling with a company’s phone representative who couldn’t care less, not talking might be the best tactic you can use.


    Here’s how a call with your smartphone service provider might look:

    You: Hi, I’m interested to renewing my phone contract. I’ve been paying $120/month for unlimited calls and texts + 18 Mbps internet.

    Phone company rep: I can get you down to $110/month… it’s the best I can do. Your previous discount was amazing. I can’t match it.

    You: I’m not comfortable with that price.

    [60 seconds of silence]

    Phone Company Rep: Ok ok, $99 a month. You won’t get a better deal than that.

    [2 minutes of silence]

    Phone Company Rep: Yes, I’ve kept checking. There’s nothing else I can do.

    [2 minutes of silence; sweating]

    Phone Company Rep: Tell you what, I’ll waive the renewal fee and give you 3 months of internet for free. $99 a month.

    You: Great.

    Mark Valley

    Mark's obsession with how to save money and "hacking" the latest financial trends started during his university degree in business finance when he earned enough money with his radical ideas to finance his studies. He has since written numerous publications on this subject matter and his relentless drive for finding the ultimate "freebie" will be shared on our site with the sole purpose of saving you a lot of money.

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