Why is Gas Sometimes More Expensive Across the Street?

  • 0201502184529petrol2-700300Usually, in any given area or neighborhood, gas stations feature very similar prices for their commodity. Small discrepancies can be noticed depending on the prime location of a particular gas station – the first one off the highway ramp, for example. However, once in a while, you’ll come upon a gas station with significantly higher gas prices and a line of drivers waiting to fill up and pay those higher prices. What’s the deal?

    One should consider location as the solution to this question. Usually, higher-priced gas is being offered at a station with a prime location, next to a shopping mall or amusement park, or any high traffic spot.

    Shell spokesperson Kimberly Windon says, “While the name on the sign reflects the brand of the motor fuel being sold on the premises…the convenience store and the day-to-day site operations are the legal responsibility of the wholesaler, site owner, and/or operator who make their own operating decisions, including setting gasoline prices as they believe appropriate.”


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