28 Year Old Father from Bristol Beats the Recession, Earns £3000 per Week Trading from Home

  • put_call_gold.resizedSamuel White always had the entrepreneurial bug. After several years slowly progressing up the corporate ladder, he realized that his salary might never be what he wanted – he was capable of and certainly worth more. In addition to supporting his family and paying bills, White wanted to start putting some money aside for the future; he started investigating ways to supplement his weekly wage.

    Soon enough, White discovered 24Option, an online tool which allowed him to spend as much time as he chose earning extra money online, from the comfort of his home. 24Option, surprisingly simple and easy to master, quickly produced great results for him.

    I discovered White’s story from a mutual friend. I reached him to find out more about his inspiring story and the online money-making venture he had used to change his day-to-day life. Certainly, my readers would want to know about such an opportunity. I know for a fact that my readers are always interested in ways to improve their weekly incomes without risking large sums of money or devoting tremendous amounts of precious time. Samuel White’s story could prove valuable to them.

    “I was struggling in financial terms,” White admitted to me, when we sat down for an interview, “I had accumulated several debts which were slowly growing. I had considered taking a second job in order to supplement my income, but I realized that I simply could not devote the hours necessary, and in any case, the part-time work came with a less-than-helpful salary. While I was looking at job advertisements online, I came across 24Option.”

    “It’s remarkable, even to me, how quickly I started earning money and how it changed my lifestyle. At this point I’m making approximately £3000 a week for 10-15 hours of work. If things continue like this, I will probably consider leaving my full-time job.”

    White told me about his initial fears – he had come across money-making schemes in the past, but they had mostly proven to be gimmicks, full of hot air. “24Option was so user-friendly, and they offer a free practice account. After doing enough research to feel confident about it – I just dove right in. I practiced for a few hours and learned how to use their platform before trading real money,” White explained.

    “Before I started making extra money with 24Option, I was struggling to provide my wife and kids with the things I wanted for them, on top of the inevitable food, gas and clothing bills. The recession had affected my salary and the job opportunities in my area. 24Option changed everything for me. The extra money it brought in for me has given me room to breathe and plan my financial future.”

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