Rogue Banking Developments Sending Shockwaves Through the Financial World

  • NSAQuantumComputerHow did one man deposit less than thirty dollars into an account and then wind up becoming a millionaire? What kind of secret investment strategy is turning the financial world on its head?

    These are just a few of the questions that investor Douglas Hill asked himself. The person who deposited those twenty seven dollars was named Kevin Koch and the secret currency he was putting his money into was Bitcoin.

    You may have heard of Bitcoin. It’s the currency that doesn’t have any national backing, the one that lives and breathes on the internet.

    It may just be the biggest revolution in economics since the invention of the stock market…

    Why is investing in Bitcoin so worthwhile? There are no minimums to how much you have to deposit into the account. And you can get at the money at any time, with no lock out periods. There are no fees, hidden charges, or restrictions on where you have to be to use it. You could live on Antarctica or right in the middle of the town where you grew up—it doesn’t make a difference. This underground currency system doesn’t have the regulations that bog down the rest of the world of finance and banking.

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