10 Ways To Save Your Precious Money 

  • money-shower-460_1_2768598bYou probably should have thought of these ideas already, but sometimes we all need a reminder or light-bulb-above-head “eureka”  moment.  Have a look at these 10 super-simple money-saving techniques to get you motivated.



    1. Cancel your cable

    These days, all you need is a computer and a subscription to Netflix ($8 p/month) to watch all of your favorite shows.

    2. Comparison shopping

    Whether it’s orange juice or an automobile you’re buying, comparison shop online and in your area before purchasing. You’d be surprised.

    3. Discounts

    Don’t be lazy when it comes to unique discounts. Stores, hotels and airlines offer certain discounts to students, seniors, military personnel and more. Get whatever identification you need and start taking advantage of these.

    4. Toilet trick

    Putting a full water bottle or brick (or any other weighty object) in your toilet tank will reduce the amount of water that fills it up after each flush – saving you money!

    5. Cards

    Sign up for store membership cards if they indeed offer discounts and points accumulation.

    6. Bulk

    Bulk stores offer big savings on household staples, if you have the room to store the large quantities of ketchup, paper towels or batteries that’ll last you for a few weeks or months.

    7. Meal plan

    If you get to the supermarket with a weekly meal plan and menu, you’ll be able to do targeted shopping that uses ingredients multiple times, instead of willy-nilly impulse shopping, wasting a lot of money in the process.

    8. Water bottle

    Start using a refillable water bottle instead of purchasing bottled water every day, all day.

    9. Freeze

    Freeze your leftover ingredients after cooking a meal, or the leftover meal itself, for later use.

    10. Gym no more

    Cancel your gym membership. Weights and a yoga mat can be purchased cheaply in any sports store. And, in case you didn’t realize, running outdoors is free.



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