How I Made $3,111.74 In 1 Month With My Blog Easily…


(A Guest Blog Post By: John McMillan)

ganhar-dinheiro-com-BlogsThis is how I made $3,111.74 with my blog in 30 days, it’s a pretty straightforward video showing how I did it.. (sorry for the poor quality video) and how you can do it too (easily).

So basically it only takes 2 things you must have to do the same thing:

1. a blog
2. an account with

For my blog I used a template from wrapbootstrap designs, just look them up, they have some decent looking templates for a measly few bucks.

Then I used web hosting to host my blog. Same goes here, about $1 a month for the simplest WordPress hosting package they have.

Finally, (and most importantly), I opened up an account with – don’t worry about getting accepted, as far as I know they approve anyone… I created 2 widgets and added them to my blog. Soon after, I started generating some serious cash and made a small fortune out of nothing…

Please share this nifty little money making secret to spread the love and let me know in the comments if it worked for you as well.

This is the full tutorial of how I did it, including screenshots and step by step guide: