Job Interviews: A Peek at Company Culture


corporate-culture-fit300When looking for a new job, it’s just as important that a company’s culture fit you as it is that you fit a company’s team. The right atmosphere could spell your future success or failure at a workplace. The perfect opportunity to get a sense of a company before starting work there is during a job interview.

Aside from leaving a good impression on your potential employer, you should pay close attention to his or her behavior. Similarly, when walking around the office, pay attention to employees and how business gets done in general. Is the atmosphere chaotic or relaxed? Are people friendly or standoffish? Does the office seem clean or neglected? Are people shouting or speaking respectfully? What is the dress code like?

This peek into an office’s day to day routine can serve as a good indication of what your time there might look like. Try and notice how a future boss treats you during an interview, when he or she is theoretically on their “best behavior.”

While it’s perhaps not a great idea to come to concrete conclusions based on a quick glimpse at a day in the life of an office, it’s probably the only chance you’ll get. So, use it wisely. You can – and probably should – ask questions during your interview, about a workplace’s culture and atmosphere. You’ll be better able to judge whether the setting fits you and your expectations of a new job.