One Easy Trick to Booking Low Price Airfare


y7zs4qiojgq0iikhweirIf you’re traveling this summer you know how expensive airfares have gotten. It’s ridiculous that in some cases the same flight you took two years ago will now cost you almost double. In many ways, it’s the new normal. But if you’re smart there is one way you can do to save money on plane tickets and book low price airfare.

First, you should know something about how airlines price tickets. Every flight has a range of price tickets even within each of the specific sections. There can be as many as fifteen different prices for seats. If you check on a flight one day and see one price and come back the next day and find the same seat is more expensive, it’s not that the flight has had a price change, it’s that the cheaper seats are all gone. Now, this pricing strategy can go the other way, and seats prices do sometimes fall if seats aren’t being filled. In the summer and during holidays that’s not likely since so many more people are traveling.

If you are trying to book a group of tickets you are going to have a hard time getting access to the cheap fares because there may only be a limited number of them. Your group of five tickets will miss out on the three cheap seats available because the airline will automatically bump you up to the next price range of tickets that can accommodate your entire party at the same price. Meanwhile, seats that will save you hundreds of dollars will go to someone else who is behind you in line. So how can you get at those cheaper tickets? There has to be a way, right?

You can try to do this online by booking each ticket individually at the lowest price available. But what if someone buys up the remaining tickets while you’re in between ticket purchases and you wind up having to split your group up between flights? That would be a vacation disaster before you even get to your destination. Among industry professionals, there is one booking trick to avoid this situation that may surprise you.

Want to know the common knowledge solution to manage booking multiple tickets without paying higher prices than you need to? Call a travel agent. Really, do it the old fashioned way. Travel agencies have been doing what they do for years, so you don’t have to. The savings will make it worth the trouble of having to talk to someone on the phone.