Save Money On Your Bills With The Power Of Silence


telemarketer-300x193A secret negotiating strategy when trying to argue down your monthly bills (telephone/internet/electricity/etc.) is silence. Forget arguing, shouting, getting irritated or begging: when it comes to haggling with a company’s phone representative who couldn’t care less, not talking might be the best tactic you can use.


Here’s how a call with your smartphone service provider might look:

You: Hi, I’m interested to renewing my phone contract. I’ve been paying $120/month for unlimited calls and texts + 18 Mbps internet.

Phone company rep: I can get you down to $110/month… it’s the best I can do. Your previous discount was amazing. I can’t match it.

You: I’m not comfortable with that price.

[60 seconds of silence]

Phone Company Rep: Ok ok, $99 a month. You won’t get a better deal than that.

[2 minutes of silence]

Phone Company Rep: Yes, I’ve kept checking. There’s nothing else I can do.

[2 minutes of silence; sweating]

Phone Company Rep: Tell you what, I’ll waive the renewal fee and give you 3 months of internet for free. $99 a month.

You: Great.