Smart Shoppers: Factor In The Cost of Getting Rid of an Item


couple-moving-couch_6452744_webWe live in a fast-paced consumer culture that encourages us to buy a lot of stuff, on a constant basis, and dispose of it equally as often. Who can imagine that people used to darn  socks with holes instead of simply throwing them out?!

Also, certain life moments like moving naturally promote the cleaning out of clutter and disposal of unnecessary items. Don’t forget that every time you upgrade an item, you have to get rid of the old one you already possess. From now on, before making a significant purchase consider the cost of getting rid of it in the future.

While smartphones are easy to unload and even resell, items like furniture, appliances and cars will require finding or hiring someone with special equipment or vehicles.

When trying to determine whether a particular purchase is a good deal, you’d be wise to figure out how much it will cost to dispose of later on, and whether it will have any resale value down the road. If so, you could possibly list it on a resale resource like eBay or Craigslist (which also takes time and effort).

While some items might be so reduced in price or last so long in your household that they’re still a good deal after factoring disposal costs, others can wind up costing more than their value in disposal or resale costs.