The American Economy Is In Worse Shape Than You Think—Here’s What to Do About It

crashWhat would happen if you added up the total populations of Texas, New York, California, Illinois, Florida and Pennsylvania? You’d have the bulk of the United States all in one place, over one hundred million people.

Now consider this: that same number of people is exactly how many Americans find themselves out of work or unable to work today. Basically the most populous state in America right now is the state of joblessness. The rate is higher than anything dreaded during the Great Depression, and yet no one in panicking. Bill White, editor of, says that’s wrong. This is exactly the time to panic.

It doesn’t matter what is going to push America over the edge, something is going to come along that will total the economy, throw the state into confusion and disorder and cost millions of Americans their lives. It could be the terror attack we’ve all been waiting for, an epidemic like ebola that has managed to get inside of our borders or, like the last time, it could be the result of Wall Street’s corruption again. The only thing Bill White says we know for sure is that it is going to be worse than any crisis the nation has lived through in the past. And when it happens, the government won’t be around to lend you a helping hand. You’ll be all on your own, and the only person you and your family will be able to count on will be yourself.

That’s why Bill White designed and wrote Conquering the Coming Apocalypse. This book is the only way to cut through the media static and get to the real truth about the horrible condition that our country is in, and how to bounce back when everything starts to come apart at the seams.

It’s not just a survival guide, it’s a textbook course in self-sufficiency and independence. Even if White is wrong about where the economy is headed, all of the advice in Conquering the Coming Apocalypse will be useful in becoming less dependent on the systems that are already overtaxed, overburdened and costing the nations billions every year.

It’s up to you. You can just stay at home as the crisis begins to unfold, wait for someone to come hold your hand through it, and end up with the chaos washing you away. Or you can get up on your roof, open up a lawn chair, sit down and watch as everyone else starts to panic in the streets. The choice is yours. If you want to survive, get Conquering the Coming Apocalypse today.