10 Fun Facts About Money


us money pile400

1. American dollars are not made from paper; they’re cloth. When there were only 13 states, people repaired torn bills with thread.

2. When a US coin gets damaged enough to render it unusable, it gets cycled back to the US Mint, where it is mutilated by a machine before being sent out for recycling.

3. The ink used for American money is traceable, magnetic, and birefringent (color changing) – all in order to prevent counterfeiting.

4. Serial numbers actually also use letters (to refer to the Federal Reserve branches).

5. Original pennies were made of 100% copper. Today’s version only carries a sliver of copper coating measuring 1/2000 of an inch thick (the width of masking tape).

6. There is a particular facility in Delaware that mulches over four tons of out-of-commission US dollars into compost every day.

7. US dollars are green because of the properties of the color: it’s the most resistant to fading and discoloration.

8. If you bury pennies in your backyard, it will repel slugs, which get electrocuted by touching copper and zinc.

9. The new American $100 dollar bill has a blue ribbon woven into it that contains thousands of micro lenses that make the Liberty Bell appear to dance.

10. US money is printed on Swiss Super Orlof printing machines that cost $7 million each. American bills are considered the most sophisticated in the world.