If you want to shop smart, you must shop at Walmart

Do you remember when you were a kid, you were on a commercial break for your favorite show and, boom, a bouncing, winking, yellow smiley face pops up on your screen who had a magical power of lowering prices for everything you never knew you wanted? For many millennials and even our Baby Boomer parents, this is how we remember Walmart- cute, kitchy, affordable and best of all, accessible to the masses. 

Thankfully, this commercial was not there only for the memorability. Even now, Walmart’s prices and discounts are their claim to fame, their promise which stood the test of time, if you will. They have added stellar customer service, curbside pickup, one-day delivery for the customers who are short on time, and more and more new departments in the efforts to be the #1 one-stop shop for all your essential and nonessential needs. But what makes Walmart the best choice when you have strong competitors who offer similar merchandise? Let’s discuss!

With their product offering varying from beauty to home goods, to video games, and even food, they give their competition a sincere run for their money. Over the years with the rise of the internet and price-slashing competitors such as Amazon, Kohl’s and Target, Walmart still manages to stay ahead of the game. 

In a shopping experiment conducted last year, Team Clark found that for the purchase of the exact same 30 items, Walmart came out as the price champion totalling at nearly $7.00 less than Target. That extra dough could get you either 2 Starbucks Venti coffees, 7 slices of pizza at a hole-in-the-wall, authentic NY pizzeria, or that extra pack of markers your child needs for their Zoom art projects and at-home assignments. 

Through the price differences, the trend of in-house clothing brands didn’t pass Walmart by. Is it the same concept as designer collabs such as Target’s capsule collections with Rodarte Phillip Lim, or Issac Mizrahi? No. But, is it fashionable, high quality, and affordable? Absolutely. One quality which Walmart will never sway on is the guarantee for quality and affordability which makes them the ultimate winner in the low-cost retail game. Looking like a million bucks is always better than spending a million bucks, though a million bucks are always nice to have. 

To put the cherry on top of a retail sundae, Walmart has its own credit card which offers you 5% cashback on everything you buy online or on their very own app. So, in addition to being reliable, affordable, and accessible, Walmart amplifies all of these qualities with loyalty rewards for their customers which include, covering purchases, statement credits, gift cards for loved ones and even travel.

To constantly improve their offerings, user experience, and products for their consumers, Walmart has invested a nice chunk of change into companies and vendors who are helping them reach their goals. On Walmart.com, to cater to the laser focused who are conducting a shopping expedition, there is a special feature for you to decrease your time wandering around the budget shopper’s amusement park that Walmart has become. Find what you want, where you want before you even leave your house. This eliminates the trip to the store only to return home empty handed. 

In efforts to increase their online sales, and to keep with their one-stop shop theme, Walmart bought e-commerce giants jet.com and Flipkart. They have revamped their produce and foods sections going as far as to locally source their produce for maximum freshness and quality as well as providing a benefit to local farmers. Walmart even offers free shipping for one and for all, and compared to Amazon who only offer free shipping to Prime members, this is a huge bonus!

With all of the facts grown together, it is truly no surprise that Walmart’s revenues surpassed half a trillion dollars in 2019. Renowned author, Alice Hocker once said, “Your greatness is not what you have, but in what you give”. In order to give back to their community of loyal customers and employees, Walmart has multiple initiatives in place to serve both the local and global markets (on every continent except for Antarctica). From animal shelters to non- profit organizations, as well as aiding struggling communities to gain access to healthier produce and food, Walmart has gone above and beyond to show their community that they matter and that they are seen and appreciated. 

At the end of the day, while Target, Kohl’s, Amazon and any other warehouse store may have that smidge of extra glitz and glam, Walmart reigns as the king of “shop on a budget” stores. From clothing, to water filters, to fruits, WalMart will always be there to make sure that you get that bang for your extra 7 bucks… and even more if you have the cashback rewards 😉