5 Reasons Why You Must Have Anti-Virus Software On Your PC


Anti-virus software is often overlooked by naive desktop users, with many failing to realize the important part it plays in maintaining a healthy PC system and all of its private content. In the 21st century millions of people manage their lives and personal details via their computers and this brings with it considerable dangers that should not be overlooked. Without anti virus protection for your PC, you are quite literally a proverbial sitting duck for hackers, fraudsters and online criminals.

In this article we will focus on the main 5 reasons why you should consider acquiring a decent anti-virus software.

1. Computer Performance

A computer that has been infected by viruses, malware or Trojans will perform considerably worse than a healthy system. Viruses can eat into precious hard drive space, block important programs and even deny connection to the Internet. A sluggish system can become impossible to use and even the most basic of tasks can take minutes, or even hours. Some of the signs your PC is infected with a virus can be: Windows takes several minutes to load even though you have decent / modern hardware, Internet connection runs very slow despite a good connection, PC often gets stuck for no apparent reason and needs to be restarted etc etc.

Anti-virus software can deny unwanted entry to the computer system and block attempts to install the irritants that cause the problems listed above. Regular computer scanning is also important to ensure that nothing slips through the wall.


2. Keeping your children safe online

The Internet is not a safe place for children without the aid of anti-virus software. Youngsters innocently searching their favorite websites can easily be misled to pornography sites and view material not suitable for them via viruses disguised as search engine listings and adverts.

Many parents are justifiably concerned with child safety on the playground, on the streets and even in their own gardens; yet they neglect their safety from unprotected computer systems. If your children are using your PC regularly, you need a decent anti virus program to protect them.


3. Misuse of Personal Data and Identity Theft

Cybercrime is the fastest growing illegal activity in the world. People use computers to read email, share documents and check bank accounts via an Internet browser. Failing to provide efficient anti-virus protection can allow malicious software to gain entry to your system and allow third parties to view your information.

Certain types of malware are now capable of recording input entered via the keyboard which can provide easy pickings for would be hackers to log into your personal accounts, sensitive photos, credit cards and so much more… Just recently a new virus was detected that can record via webcam without the owner of the PC knowing about it. Videos of private and intimate moments of tens of thousands of people were then exposed in some dark net websites.


4. Hard Drive Issues

Some viruses can wipe a computers hard drive and make the computer obsolete. This can lead to important data being lost that can have a devastating effect for you or your business. Perhaps more worryingly, viruses are now capable of editing and changing data on a hard drive without the owner knowing.

Purchasing a new hard drive is not only expensive. By that point, key information may be lost forever. Just think about losing all your family photos that were taken year after year in a snap, or writing that essay for college and all of a sudden it’s gone.


5. Crime Time

Many hackers are now using viruses to gain access behind firewalls and perform illegal activity from the IP address of the victim’s machine. This differs from identity theft because the purpose of the virus is to gain entry to the computer with the aim of committing a crime such as sending junk mail, or using it as a storage facility for pirated movies. In such cases, the crime committed will be pointing at your home IP address and you’ll find yourself accused of piracy or worse.

We spend money on safe cars with airbags, helmets and travel insurance, yet despite the fact our lives are becoming increasingly digital, many people still shy away from paying for anti virus software, despite the numerous threats outlined above. The benefits of paying the small fee for a decent anti-virus software considerably outweigh the negatives.

When you look at the bigger picture, staying safe online and being protected from frustrating pop ups, fraudsters, and computer viruses is absolutely vital. Do not take a gamble with your private data, protect yourself in cyberspace!