A Faster Way To Design WordPress Websites

buildingwebsiteIf you’ve been blogging or running a website using WordPress, you probably already know that they are a user-friendly partner in your online venture. They even offer you themes that can give your website its face.

But with so many other websites using those same themes, and those same site designs, going with the generic WordPress options can make your website seem boring and forgettable. If your website looks like you didn’t invest in it, users may decide that you’re not worth their time either. Fortunately, there are better options than just going with the set ups that WordPress provides for free.

OptinSkin is a plug-in that helps you make more exciting, better functioning webpages for WordPress. add share buttons, customizable backgrounds, title headings, and every other element of your website. To see if the software was a worthwhile tool to pass along to our friends in the internet blogging world, the Money Expert checked out OptinSkin. Here’s what we found out.

There is a lot to OptinSkin that internet marketers, especially those at the beginning level, can use to make their businesses more dynamic. Every element that you add with OptinSkin is testable. From the color of the buttons that you add and the way the text looks and is shaped, to the design of professional looking ebook covers and box coloring, every design choice is yours to make. And you don’t even have to just try one: Split-testing lets you put more than one design at work. The split-test diagnostics then make it possible to gauge which version of your site is getting the most attention online. With that information you can make a more informed decision about what the finalized look for your website should be.

You decide where you want to put the skin with a simple one-click interface. OptinSkin skins are versatile enough to be placed anywhere on your website. That means you won’t ever have to work your way through boring theme after theme to pick one that just sort of works for your blog. You don’t even have to know any HTML to make your skin work either. The process is so streamlined that it should only take a user a few minutes to find a skin that they like and apply it to their WordPress site.

But to monetize your site, you need more than an attractive design. You need something that will draw users into the buttons that lead to conversion. With the OptinSkin’s “fade” technology, opt-in buttons become part of the regular experience that readers have as they go through your content. Everything that they see can be another opportunity for you to make money.

The Final Word: At a attractive price that gets even lower if you have more than one website that you need to give a design make-over to, the OptinSkin plug-in can pay for itself within the first few visits that your new website generates.

To make a WordPress website designed for high converting visits, go with Optinskin.