After So Many Years; New Patented Key Is About To Change The Market

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It has been a while since we had an invention that changed the world. In recent years the world has experienced many “small” technological revolutions. New technologies are usually the kind of things that make you look differently to the old reality and scratch your head while wondering …

In recent years, for example, we have seen the iRobot Rumba, which was able to combine a “stupid” broom with a robot, or for example the GoPro camera that took all that is good in the camera and assimilated the military immunity to create a new breed Of extreme cameras in an age where visual has a place of honor in the pages of history. The combination of two components that are woven together to make it easier for the user is not new – 100 years ago, the patent was written that combines the famous eraser behind the pencil. And facilitated the work of the writers ever since.

KEEP, a company with a guiding principle, is responsible for the latest saying: “Never forget your flash drive behind.”

Keeping personal information safe in this time and age is one of the most difficult challenges. Most of us hear of cases where cloud accounts have been broken and sensitive information has passed. How sad to know that physical loss of information in 2016 caused almost USD 1 billion damage to the economy.

We all use Flash Drive and research shows that by 2025 its use will only increase. And what do we do to protect the information and not forget it while being connected to some computer? Apparently nothing.

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In 2015 alone more than 2 million Flash Drives were found in laundry facilities throughout the United States.

This problem was solved at KEEP in a creative way. Install a portable memory into your home key, always with you and never ,leave it behind.

It has been more than 1000 years that the house key remains an iron block, the whole purpose of which is to rotate clockwise/counterclockwise (wow). This metal thing is in the pocket of all of us when we leave the house, and this is perhaps the most primitive item we carry with us.

Thousand years after the invention of the key, it seems that the time has come for some refreshing.


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