Ayboll Review: Monetize Your Blog with Innovative Advertising


Ayboll is a premium and innovative advertising network and personalized content discovery platform. It is currently one of the top content recommendation platforms in the world working with more than 18,000+ premium advertisers.

It offers an easy monetization solution for any website, allowing you to monetize your inventory, as well as enhancing user engagement by displaying interesting sponsored content from across the web.

If you want to push your brand or get more traffic to your site you can also advertise on the vast network of publisher sites currently displaying the Ayboll native ads widget.

Ayboll uses advanced technology to deliver high-performing ad-placements on their publisher’s websites. Their content widgets are adapted by an algorithm they have developed that shows the most trending & profitable ads that will be suited to run on your site at any given moment. Ayboll’s innovative ad-placements will look very similar to your website’s content and does not interfere with your user’s experience. It blends natively into the existing content, almost as if it’s a part of your website.

Implementing the Ayboll widget on your website is super easy. Ayboll accepts any website and you don’t need a million visitors per month to join Ayboll as a publisher (unlike the largest native ad networks) – so now you can monetize even a newly created website easily!

Creating a widget is done through a quick and easy wizard takes less than 2 minutes. Once you have designed your widget, you simply copy and paste the code into your website’s widget placement. Ayboll calculates the revenue of a website on the basis of both CPM and CPC. Publishers earn money from Advertisers when their visitors see or click on a sponsored content widget on the Publisher website.

Ayboll provides a powerful publisher panel where you can create and manage multiple ad widgets for multiple domains and also gain access to real-time revenue statistics for your website.

The Verdict

As with all blog monetization, it’s all about testing and seeing what works best.

If you have an entertainment or general audience blog with a lot of traffic, we could see Ayboll performing pretty well because of the type of ads they have on their network and the high click through rates across the board.

To get started with Ayboll, you can easily create an account, setup your widget and start serving ads immediately.