Capture A Share Of The Podcast Listening Audience With Audello

podcastingPodcasting has been around for a while now, but over the course of the last few years its growth has been huge. Not since the early days of radio have audiences turned to audio programs for their entertainment and informational needs. Audello is podcast software that makes it easy for anyone to take advantage of the podcast platform.

One of the things that makes Audello successful is that they understand why podcasting is so important. Unlike other forms of media, podcasting reaches a certain type of consumer that marketers and business owners dream about. The people who listen to podcasts tend to have money: they listen to their podcasts while they’re driving in their cars, or when they have a minute to sit down with their smartphones. They are media savvy, and they have cash on hand to spend.

Anyone interested in steadily building a huge email list of people who are looking to spend money needs to take advantage of podcasting, and Audello is built with that in mind. You get all the tools you need to record, store, and publish the content that this deep-pocketed audience is waiting for. With drag-and-drop simplicity you can easily turn any blog post of website into the home of a profit-generating podcast.

Audello specializes in cross-platform publishing, extending the reach of your content. Since traffic creation and list-building are the most important things for your business, your podcasting software has to be able to do these things, or no one is going to be aware that your product even exists. From the Audello dashboard you can automatically distribute podcasts to all of the websites that you control.

Plus, Audello offers marketing advice and training, so you can learn how to take full advantage of the platform, reach more customers, and make more money. Top industry leaders tell you how to engage with audiences, tailoring a message that converts the most listeners.

Technical details: On a PC or Mac, there isn’t another marketing podcast software that does quite as much as Audello does. Unfortunately, the Android app is still in development, but the iPhone version is ready to be used right now. The desktop client integrates with Skype, making it possible to record directly from people who you have over the phone. And Audello doesn’t have hidden audio hosting requirement like some other podcasting software. You control your files they way you want to: Audello works seamlessly with Soundcloud and Amazon’s cloud services.

Since Audello is a one-time buy in, not some rolling fee service that keeps costing you, once you buy the software it is yours to own for a lifetime. Other podcasting software can be overpriced and oversell you on features that just don’t make them worth it. Unlike them, Audello’s podcast creation software is essential for a growing online business.

Audio is easy to make and it’s easy for audiences to absorb. As the podcast business model grows, don’t get left behind. Audello is the most advanced audio marking software available.