Developers Look To Take Advantage of Mobile Game App Market Growth

mobilegamesThe video games have always been a constantly evolving industry, but the latest changes in mobile usage are opening up the field to many new players. Look no further for evidence of this than on the morning commute on any given workday, where hundreds of thousands of mobile users can be seen spending their ride time playing mobile app games.

Apple’s App Store marketplace for iPhone and iPad has been the most important hub for all of this growth. Unlike the Android market, Apple offers a safer product environment both for users and for game developers. Innovating apps consistently appear on the App Store well before you can find them in the rival Google Play Store servicing the Android market. This makes developing games for iPhone and iPad an attractive lure for new developers.

Because of this popularity, every large game developer is pushing more resources towards their mobile products. For the big developers, this is a matter of survival: more people are staying away from the consoles and PC gaming market. And mobile device sales are also expanding the core audience for games, including many people who do not fall into the stereotypical basement dwelling teenage boy gamer stereotype. Their strategies have been forced to change.

Taking advantage of the situation are independent mobile game app developers. Profit growth from indie game apps has shown a considerable uptick. Consider the runaway success of 2013’s Flappy Bird. Mobile games are relatively fast and easy for developers to create, and that perception of ease is also drawing in aspiring developers. However, breaking into game development has been a hurdle for most people who want to take advantage of the surge in mobile game app development.

For people who have been unable to break into the industry that guarantees an astronomical return on investment, a number of new game development have recently debuted that aim to give more people access to developer skills that are needed to take advantage of the market upswing. One such service is iPhoneDevSecrets.

Offering users who pay a one-time flat fee an entire range of developer tools, a program like iPhoneDevSecrets outperforms the kind of guidance that is available in traditional published book formats. Books on programming quickly get out-of-date, leaving owners behind the curve or paralyzed with confusion. That’s not a problem with an electronic platform like this, that can respond to changes in the industry and help as problems arise.

However, the success of a game app goes beyond developing a game that works well. It takes a marketing strategy to reach audiences where they spend their time online. Otherwise, good games languish in the App Store, making only occasional sales. With iPhoneDevSecrets the market strategies for success are laid out for developers to build their own successful business models.

Taking advantage of the growth of the mobile game app market takes a certain amount of guidance. People are getting the skills they need to make their game fantasies reality with iPhoneDevSecrets.