Someone Finally Figured Out The Easy Way to Build Marketing Websites For WordPress


internetmarketingMaking profitable marketing pages can be boiled down to a few must-haves: quick squeeze pages, mobile functionality, social media presence, and converting high numbers of visitors. But that was a lot harder for Suzanna Theresia to do than she thought.

As a developer with a prestigious corporate job, Suzanna had a life that made her comfortable, but it didn’t make her happy. She wanted more than just to make money working for someone else, she wanted to make it for herself, and to help other people while she did it. Basically, the dream job. She decided she would do it by going into internet marketing, one of the fastest and easiest ways to reach wide audiences and to make money with them.

She decided to embark on a full scale WordPress IM campaign—marketing pages, membership pages, all of it. There was only one problem: she just couldn’t find the kind of plug-in that could do what she wanted to do with WordPress. There was a plug-in for one thing, and this plug-in for that, and another plug-in for something else. It was all a lot to run all at one time, and really inconvenient to design just one simple marketing website.

The so-called marketing gurus had her beat at her own game it seemed. They could afford to run all of these programs and not have it affect their campaigns. She couldn’t match what they could spend. She was just an ordinary person trying to make it with the little tools that she had, not some big shot with a whole IT department at her disposal.

She was almost ready to give up and head back to the grey cubicle at the corporate office again, when she decided to try something else. The results are the software that eventually became InstaBuilder.

Suzanna asked herself what she had that the big gurus didn’t. The answer couldn’t be any clearer. She actually knew how to build this kind of software for herself. She didn’t need to use the inadequate software out there. So she decided to change her approach. Instead of just building her own internet marketing sites, she decided to make the software that powers the marketing sites everyone else decides to use. Suzanna Theresia created InstaBuilder, the flagship title in her full suite of internet marketing products.

Now she could help people meet their internet marketing goals and make money for herself without going back to the grind of a thankless corporate job. Now InstaBuilder is just one of the many useful web design products she offers that can help anyone create successful marketing pages for WordPress.

InstaBuilder is the software that makes creating marketing pages for WordPress finally easy. Try it yourself and find out why.