The Complete Native Ads Widget List (Always Updated)


make-money-blogging-with-title-300x225Looking to monetize your blog / site with Native Ads Widgets?

During the past few years, many websites who rely on advertising to monetize their traffic have had new advertising opportunities made available to them. AdSense is no longer the king of blog monetization and there are many other great monetization solutions that are available to publishers/blog owners/news and rich media sites, both big and small.

Native advertising is a the new way to monetize your web assets and traffic. The concept is very basic, you’ve probably seen it many times at the bottom of articles: “You May Like”, “Recommended For You”, “Sponsored Links by” etc. In a nutshell, native ads are usually 4-8 content recommendations hosted in an article.

And it’s now totally possible and easy for anyone who has a blog (even a very small blog) to monetize it via native advertising.

So If you’re looking for a way to make money with your blog / website using Native Ads, look no further! TheMoney.Expert has compiled the ultimate list for you.

Here is the complete list of Native Ads (Sponsored / Recommended / Paid Content) widgets sorted by key features and ranking:

1. ayboll (Accepts any site with no approval process, very high RPM)
2. RevContent – ClickBooth (Accept most sites, high RPM)
3. Taboola (Accepts highly trafficked sites only, Average RPM)
4. Outbrain (Accepts highly trafficked sites only, Average RPM)
5. (Accepts most sites, CPA network)
6. NativeAds (Relatively New, Low RPM)
7. Adblade (Accepts most sites, Low RPM)
8. MGID (Very low RPM)
9. Hexagram (Low RPM, Exchange)
10. Engageya – (Low RPM)
11. (Low RPM)
12. DISQUS (Low RPM)
13. Yavli (Relatively New, Low RPM)
14. ShareThrough (Accepts major brands only)
15. StoryStack (Matomy Owned, Beta, Low RPM)
16. Yarpp (AdKnowledge Owned, Low RPM)
17. Pleeko (Low RPM, New, No information about ownership)
18. AdsKeeper (Average RPM, New, Beta, CPA Network)
19. Spoutable (New, Ad Exchange)
20. Kinley (New, Stay Away, Bad Reviews)
21. Sprinkle (Western Europe Focused)
22. Somewrite (Japanese Based)
23. Popin (Japanese Based)
24. Postquare (Arabic Based – Owned by Israeli Company: Engageya)
25. Plugz (Porn / Adult & Casino Only – Acquired by: CrakRevenue)
26. Jubna (Arabic only, Based in Dubai)
27. Shareaholic (Low RPM)
28. Originative (New, Beta, Stay Away, Bad Reviews)
29. Dianomi (New, Financial Oriented)
30. Connatix (In Feed Widget)
31. Adnow (Low RPM)
32. Desipearl Thai Only


Exovue (Advanced SSP)
Zemanta (Agency)
Zergnet (Exchange)
Nativo (Platform)
Sailthru (Platform)
Plista (German Only) (European Focused)
nRelate (Closed)
Contextly (Only Internal Recommendations)
Gravity (AOL Owned, very low RPM)
LinkWithin (Only Internal Recommendations)