Why Successful Marketing Campaigns Depend on Quality Video Making Software

videomakerFor businesses online, your success connecting with customers depends on getting their attention. Video is probably the most important component of any marketing campaign. Whether the a costumer comes into contact with your product through social media, an internet search, or through a link on another site, an attractive video is more likely to keep them on your page and clicking than just text or images by themselves.

Why is that? Text requires too much active interest on the audience’s part to act on its own. Images get people’s attention, but what else can they tell them about your product without further context? In a marketing campaign, video outperforms other media because it combines the best things that those other forms have to offer. Using text, music, images, and a convincing pitch modulated to create a confident response in the audience, video is almost hypnotic ability to connect users with products.

One software that companies have turned to so that they can take advantage of the shift towards video is Easy Video Suite. This quality video making software not only helps you make and publish video content, it also comes with the analytical tools that make tracking your videos’ progress with viewers.

As an all-in-one tool, Easy Video Suite puts the ability to record video, publish it to the internet, and the marketing tools necessary to make sure that it gets noticed all in one place. The analytical tools can track the progress that the video makes with the target audience, finding out who is clicking and where they are coming from. This market research analysis can be invaluable to a campaign, so that they can know what viewers are responding to the most.

Advanced features let you add buttons that will help monetize your content. Timed events make the video more than just your average recording—it becomes an interactive event that engages the viewer, increasing the rate of conversion. If you don’t feel like creativity is your strong suit, there are ample video templates that you can use for your own videos that don’t require any additional design input on your part.

Though the software does come with a price tag attached, 10,000 internet marketers have tried it and can vouch for its quality and the results they got using it. Though the software is primarily focused for marketing, it can be useful in any number of purposes such as training, education, or blogging. On the technical side, the software is agile, working with any number of operating systems, Mac or Windows. The software can easily integrate with Amazon S3 cloud storage accounts as well.

If you are looking for technology to create videos, turn your boring marketing campaign into an interactive sales pitch that converts and get Easy Video Suite.